March 31, 2015

Biobased Plastics

Idea to reality: The global bioplastics industry is developing rapidly. Minnesota industries needed an in-depth analysis of technology and market opportunities in this field. AURI’s role: AURI led a detailed study of the bioplastics industry to help Minnesota companies and entrepreneurs understand emerging opportunities in this field. AURI distributed the report to businesses that could commercialize the findings and led a forum to discuss the findings. Outcomes: Several businesses that… Read More »Biobased Plastics

Swheat Scoop

Idea to reality: Swheat Scoop, a renewably-sourced cat litter, was initially made by Pet Care Systems-now part of Farmers Union Industries. The wheat-based product is all natural. Pet Care Systems continues to improve and create related products and processes to have a larger market share. AURI’s role: AURI and their laboratories have been instrumental in improving the cost factors of the product,” explains Farmers Union Industries’ Chuck Neece. “They have… Read More »Swheat Scoop

Riverview, LLP

Idea to reality: Convert manure into renewable electricity, livestock bedding and fertilizer. AURI’s role: In AURI’s coproducts lab, scientists assisted with the densification of dairy digester solids into a pellet form for value-added opportunities. Outcome: The company’s three anaerobic manure digesters, installed in 2008 and 2010, capture methane, a natural gas substitute that can be burned for heat or electricity. The digesters, which represent millions of dollars of public and… Read More »Riverview, LLP

Agbioscience industry poised to create long-term prosperity for both urban and rural Minnesotans

>Read the full report “Economic Contribution of Agbioscience in Greater Minnesota” (PDF download) Agbiosicence presents the unique opportunity to bridge the future of rural and urban Minnesota. A new research report just released shows that in one year alone the industry supported $23.4 billion in economic impact in Greater Minnesota and $12.5 billion in the Twin Cities area, totaling $35.9 billion in total economic impact. And with the right steps… Read More »Agbioscience industry poised to create long-term prosperity for both urban and rural Minnesotans