AURI events

AURI puts on trainings and events to benefit interested members of the public. Check each event listing for details.

Upcoming AURI events

Green Ammonia’s Future in Minnesota Agriculture (Webinar)

Join AURI Connects: Webinar Wednesday on April 14th for a technology overview of the systems that support production of green ammonia and the economic implications for agriculture in Minnesota and the region.

AURI Coproduct Pilot Lab Capability Showcase (Webinar Wednesday)

Join us on May 12th to hear from AURI team members in Waseca, MN as they highlight their lab capabilities which support renewable energy, coproduct, biobased and food projects. This virtual event will showcase new resource additions to the AURI Waseca pilot lab such as a Food Grade processing area, hemp fiber decorticator, new drying and dewatering capabilities, densification equipment and more.

Past AURI events