Read the full report: Evaluation of growth performance, nutrient utilization, metabolic profile and onset of puberty in dairy heifers fed reduced-fat distillers grains in replacement of forage in limit-fed rations


Can dairy producers feed reduced-fat distillers grains to dairy heifers and still get the type of replacement heifer they want?


This research found that by increasing the level of distillers grains and using a limit-fed feeding strategy, researchers were able to increase the feed efficiency for heifers. Researchers also found improved digestibility of the proteins and dry matter of the rations as inclusion of distillers grains increased. The heifers body condition did not change by feeding this diet, so animals did not end up over-conditioned.


This research demonstrates that ethanol plants can grow this particular market for their feed products, while livestock producers get a simple, low-cost, effective feed ration.


Minnesota Corn Research & Promotion Council

South Dakota State University