> Read the full report Economic Contribution of the Agbioscience Industry in Northeast Minnesota

Agbioscience is a critical component of Northeast Minnesota’s past and future. A new research report shows that in 2013 agbioscience supported $2.1 billion in economic impact—seven percent of the region’s total economic output. And with the right steps and action, agbioscience could drive additional long-term prosperity in this region of the state—potentially growing to an estimated $2.9 billion in output in 2016.

Agbioscience is the fusion of agriculture and the associated biosciences that encompasses agricultural innovation, research and processing. It is the focus of a new report “Economic Contribution of the Agbioscience Industry: Northeast Minnesota.” The research was conducted by the University of Minnesota’s Extension Center for Community Vitality.

Agbioscience in the northeast region is based primarily on wood and paper product manufacturing.