Chip Integrity in Refrigerated Dairy Desserts

    About Land O’Lakes: Land O’Lakes, Inc., one of America’s premier agribusiness and food companies, is a member-owned cooperative with industry-leading operations that span the spectrum from agricultural production to consumer foods. With 2018 annual sales of $15 billion, Land O’Lakes is one of the nation’s largest cooperatives, ranking 216 on the Fortune 500. Building on a legacy of more than 97 years of operation, Land O’Lakes today operates some… Read More »Chip Integrity in Refrigerated Dairy Desserts

Personalized Protein Snack or Meal

  About Hormel Foods: Hormel Foods is a Fortune 500 company that manufactures and markets brand-name food and meat products globally.  The company is headquartered in Austin, Minnesota where it was founded in 1891 by George Hormel. Open Innovation Challenge: Personalized protein snacks or meals [vending machine delivery]. Design a vending machine application to distribute personalized protein snacks or meals based on the identified needs of the consumer. The consumer… Read More »Personalized Protein Snack or Meal

Pricing and Go-to-Market Guide for Food Products

In an effort to help food entrepreneurs overcome challenges and successfully bring their products to market, AURI now offers a Pricing and Go-to-Market Guide for food Products. This guide can help entrepreneur struggling with the best way to set a price point for their product in a clear, concise and strategic way.

Report on Minnesota Plant Based Proteins for Food

The report contains information on plant protein sources that are currently available, emerging, or potentially viable sources of proteins. It summarizes current knowledge, advantages, barriers, and areas requiring further investigation. Additionally, it provides basic information, which helps Minnesota entrepreneurs explore the potential of utilizing various regional plant protein sources in various food applications to address the growing market demand for such products.

Opinions of Minnesota School Lunch Professionals About Minnesota Food Products

In August 2017, AURI and the Stine Group emailed a survey to 167 Nutrition Services Directors (NSDs) in 120 Minnesota school districts. The goal of the survey was to gauge NSDs levels of understanding and interest in Clean Label products for their programs. Additionally, the survey inquired about their willingness and ability to purchase value-added foods processed in Minnesota.