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Posted on April 6, 2018, in Ag Innovation News

Food Macro Trends By Jason Robinson Trends in food can be a fickle thing – some are multiyear in duration, some are fads, which are here today, gone tomorrow. They can be classified as either “macro” or “micro,” the definition of which is influenced by both duration and underlying consumer motivation (or mindset) toward the […]

Gathering All The Ingredients

Posted on April 6, 2018, in News

Midwest Pantry and its NE Food District lower hurdles that encumber food entrepreneurs by AURI Midwest Pantry’s Zoie Glass is an avid ice fisher. She finds it relaxing, but one also could reasonably conclude her on a frozen lake dreaming up yet another service – such as supplying raw materials to any of the six […]

Super Bowl LII Will Have Some PANACHE

Posted on January 6, 2018, in Ag Innovation News, News, Success Stories

By AURI For most of AURI’s clients, hard work and perseverance are critical to success. Most recently, food client, Panache, which makes a variety of infused apple juices and ciders, proved this. In the months leading up to the new year, Managing Partner, Ameeta Jaiswal-Dale and Marketing Director, Xavier Boulard’s efforts paid off when their […]

Taking the Next Step

Posted on January 5, 2018, in Ag Innovation News, News, Success Stories

The next generation of Hmong farmers is poised to step into value-added product arena by DAN LEMKE They may not raise corn, soybeans or wheat, or farm large parcels of land, but Minnesota’s Hmong American farmers have transformed the state’s urban agriculture and local food landscape. Now the next generation of Hmong farmers is poised […]

Grocery store

Keeping it Clean

Posted on October 6, 2016, in Ag Innovation News, News

When producing food items, being clean is a very good thing. These days, though, being clean goes beyond sanitation. It also applies to food labels.

Today, there is no clear regulatory description defining a clean label. However, consumer preference is pushing food manufacturers to make products that are minimally processed and/or contain fewer artificial ingredients.

Mn Cup Announces Finalists

Posted on August 23, 2016, in News

MN Cup Finalists Announced More than 20 teams of Minnesota based entrepreneurs are advancing into the finalist round of the 2016 MN Cup competition. The Agricultural Utilization Research Institute sends sincere congratulation to all three finalists in this year’s Food/Ag/Beverage Division. Bolton Bees—A family-owned, first-generation business, established in 2014, and Beekeeping since 2008. Founded by […]


Continued innovation can help enable a bright future for Minnesota’s food sector

Posted on January 4, 2016, in News

AURI helps develop new uses for agricultural products through science and technology, partnering with businesses and entrepreneurs to bring ideas to reality. Our work in the four focus areas (biobased products, renewable energy, coproducts and food) assists entrepreneurs and growing businesses navigate the demands of entering the marketplace. One industry undergoing a dramatic transformation right now is food production and processing – as consumer preference changes and retailers work to accommodate their needs. As an example, consumers increasingly want a local, sustainable and healthy product.

Food hubs

Posted on April 2, 2015, in Ag Innovation News, News

Buying local. Knowing where food comes from. Eating healthier. These are all trends in food consumption, and food hubs are one way that towns and regions are giving consumers more access to local, fresh foods. Food hubs connect growers with local places needing healthy food such as schools, large businesses and health care facilities, and help grow the local and regional economies at the same time.

Creating food crisps and puffs using non-fat dry milk

Posted on November 11, 2013, in Research

Read the complete report: Twin-screw extrusion puffing of non-fat dry milk powder About this report: The use of twin-screw extrusion to produce puffs and crisps for cereals and snacks is widely utilized in the food industry. Soy protein is the leading protein used in this category. Extrusion puffing of caseinates and whey protein concentrates has […]

Unlocking wild rice’s health benefits

Posted on January 3, 2013, in Ag Innovation News

— by Jonathan Eisenthal photos by Rolf Hagberg Wild rice, the high-protein, high-energy cereal grain long revered by native peoples as a sacred and life-giving food, may be a significant source of beneficial compounds that could grow the commodity’s consumer base. In particular, early indications of the cholesterol lowering effect of wild rice, its potential […]