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Alternative Energy Solutions

Posted on February 28, 2012, in Success Stories

Idea to reality: The Kriedermacher family needed a more cost-efficient way to heat their 65,000 square-foot greenhouse, Pork and Plants. Brothers Eric and Paul decided to make biomass pellets that could be burned in boilers to heat the greenhouses. AURI’s role: AURI Scientist Al Doering worked with the Kreidermachers in AURI’s Coproducts Lab in Waseca […]

2009 AURI Ag Innovator of the Year

Posted on July 1, 2009, in Ag Innovation News

Altura, Minn. — The Kreidermacher family has a history of innovation — from producing and marketing their own flowers, vegetables and pork to making their own energy. Family members’ newest business, Alternative Energy Solutions, has been named AURI’s 2009 Ag Innovator of the Year. In 1985, after years of growing vegetables and flowers for family […]

Home-heating pellets now made in Minnesota

Posted on January 1, 2009, in Ag Innovation News

Bird Island, Minn. – Sunrise Agra Fuels has given an old pellet facility new life and is now Minnesota’s first commercial producer of ag-based biomass fuel pellets. The Bird Island company is leasing a Kensington, Minn. pellet mill to produce Island Pellets, a blend of agricultural residues, such as soybean straw and sunflowers hulls, with […]

Pellet with caution

Posted on January 1, 2008, in Ag Innovation News

Waseca, Minn. — Businesses hoping to leap into biomass-pellet production should keep their eyes wide open, cautions a recent AURI sponsored study. The evaluation by Cooperative Development Services and researcher Ken Campbell looked at the challenges and competitive disadvantages that entrepreneurs and new businesses marketing ag-based biomass pellets could face. “We’ve seen a great deal […]

Pellet reality

Posted on October 1, 2007, in Ag Innovation News

Waseca, Minn. — Alan Doering receives dozens of phone call from entrepreneurs and businesses interested in developing biomass fuel pellets for energy. Many are familiar with feed pellets but inexperienced with biomass. “It’s totally different producing a fiber-based biomass pellet than it is a starch-based pellet like feed,”says Doering, AURI scientist. Most biomass is bulky […]

Intensity in density

Posted on July 1, 2007, in Ag Innovation News

Waseca, Minn. — Being called “dense” is not a compliment — unless you’re biomass. Interest in biomass energy is growing nationwide. Power plants are evaluating corn stover, native grasses, straw and other crop residues to be burned for energy. The U.S. Department of Energy has provided more than $200 million to help build six cellulosic […]

In between

Posted on July 1, 2007, in Ag Innovation News

Waseca, Minn. — Biomass-pellet stoves are popular with home owners and with large industrial complexes. But another opportunity lies somewhere in between. Many light-industrial or on-farm uses may be ideal for pelleted-biomass fuels. Grain drying and heating for livestock buildings, farm shops and greenhouses could potentially be biomass powered. “Most farmers have some sort of […]

Burning for Business

Posted on October 1, 2006, in Ag Innovation News

Bird Island, Minn. – Like the pellets glowing in the nearby stove, Bob Ryan and Russ Koopman have warmed up to biomass fuel possibilities. They have even started a business producing biomass pellets for stoves. A mutual interest in finding alternative heat sources sparked their business. Ryan is experienced in home heating as operator of […]

Crop stokin’ stoves

Posted on October 1, 2005, in Ag Innovation News

Minneapolis, Minn. — This winter, entrepreneur Gregg Mast invites you to curl up in front of a nice, cozy crop-residue fire. Mast’s start-up company, Earthtech Energy, Inc., has devised fuel pellets made entirely from agricultural residues. Earthtech Energy Biomass Fuel Pellets, a substitute for wood pellets, will be test marketed this fall. The new fuel […]

Marketing before manufacturing

Posted on April 1, 2002, in Ag Innovation News

Busy building a “better mousetrap?” Inventions usually take months, even years, of concentrated work to be market ready. But all the research, design, testing, revising and trial production runs can be wasted — if market research isn’t done first. That’s the word from AURI advisor Michael Rich, marketing professor at Southwest State University in Marshall, […]