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Innovations at the beef counter

Posted on July 3, 2014, in Ag Innovation News

–by Liz Morrison The top-selling steak at Big Steer Meats in St. Paul, Minnesota, is the “Al Capone”—a butterflied chuck-eye steak stuffed with hard salami, capicola, green olives, and provolone cheese. It’s seasoned and ready for the grill, complete with detailed cooking instructions. The Al Capone Steak, which won an Innovative Beef Award from the […]


A love affair with beef jerky

Posted on May 23, 2014, in AURI News

–by Jonathan Eisenthal As do most couples, Mike Davis and Mali Kouanchao have a unique love story. While the Tennessee Native and the Laotian- American were falling in love with each other, Davis also fell in love with something else—his in-laws’ Lao cooking. And while all of the family recipes were unique and tasty, it […]