> Read the full report Evaluation of the potential connection between Distillers Dried Grains with Solubles and manure pit foaming in commercial pork production systems

About this report:  Manure pit foaming in commercial swine facilities has increased over the past few years.  This has caused significant concern related to the health and safety of barn workers and hogs.  Foaming manure has been implicated as the underlying cause of several barn explosions in the Midwest.

Conclusions:  The results indicate that diets containing DDGS is not the primary cause of manure foaming in swine facilities. Fiber digestibility and excretion of swine diets appears to have a greater effect on manure foaming than lipid digestion and excretion, but the overall amount of dry matter excretion has the greatest effect on manure foaming. Therefore, diet formulation and manufacturing (i.e. reduce diet particle size) strategies that maximize dry matter digestibility and minimize excretion will minimize manure foaming potential.

Project outcomes:  Results from this project will provide information regarding whether or not feeding DDGS is a causative factor in foaming of swine manure and provide insights on the amount of long-chain fatty acids and fiber in swine manure necessary to cause foaming. By understanding these factors, strategies can be developed to manage diet composition to minimize the risk of manure foaming.

Partners:  Minnesota Corn, Minnesota Pork