Opinions of Minnesota School Lunch Professionals About Minnesota Food Products

In August 2017, AURI and the Stine Group emailed a survey to 167 Nutrition Services Directors (NSDs) in 120 Minnesota school districts. The goal of the survey was to gauge NSDs levels of understanding and interest in Clean Label products for their programs. Additionally, the survey inquired about their willingness and ability to purchase value-added foods processed in Minnesota.

Clean Label Guide

AURI has produced a free Clean Label Guide that provides important information to help small- and medium-sized Minnesota food producers make the transition to product ingredients that make for a “clean label.”

Food Safety Resources

The topic of safety in the production process is of the utmost importance to any entrepreneur or business that is developing food for commercial sales. Foodborne illnesses are a preventable, underreported public health problem, which place a burden on consumers while negatively affecting a company’s sales and brand.

The Agricultural Utilization Research Institute (AURI) offers the following resources to help avoid common food safety issues:

massoud kazemzadeh holding cereal box from kays naturals

Kay’s Naturals/Kay’s Processing

Kay’s Naturals is a Clara City-based company that creates healthy snack foods that meet the nutrition needs of diabetics, those trying to lose weight and a general population that needs healthier food.