USA Solutions

Idea to reality: Develop a comfortable yet biodegradable mat, as an alternative to rubber, for use in hog farrowing and nursery barns. The mat is made from cornstalks and provides a comfortable bed that improves growing conditions and decreases mortality rates for baby and weaned pigs. AURI’s role: AURI provided connections to a manufacturer and technical resources to help test and develop the product including formulations and adhesives. Outcomes: USA… Read More »USA Solutions

Protein Resources

Idea to reality: Because soybean meal cannot be fed to some animals due to the soluble sugars, AURI worked with Protein Resouces and Minnesota Soybean on a possible solution. AURI’s role: AURI and Minnesota Soybean conducted research to understand the nutrition of a low-oligosaccharide soybean meal that was easier on animals’ stomachs and shared that knowledge with interested businesses. AURI assisted Protein Resources with product and process development for NutriVance… Read More »Protein Resources

Crude glycerol and cottonseed oil to control DDGS‐induced soft pork fat

The objective of this study was to assess the effect of feeding crude glycerol or minimally‐refined cottonseed oil on growth performance, carcass composition and fat firmness of growing‐finishing pigs. Feed ingredient prices often drive pork producers to include very high levels (30 to 50%) of DDGS in diets for growing‐finishing pigs. Such high inclusion rates of DDGS create very soft fat in the resulting pork carcasses due to the elevated concentration of unsaturated fatty acids. Supplementing diets high in DDGS (40%) with cottonseed products or crude glycerol may improve pork fat firmness.