Project Overview and Objectives:
The Agricultural Utilization Research Institute and the Minnesota Department of Agriculture propose a study to better understand the market for Halal and Kosher meat products recognizing there is growing demand for such products in the region and that this could translate to a new opportunity for the State’s meat stakeholders.  The key deliverable is a market assessment study that will provide information on all aspects of Halal and Kosher meats in Minnesota (and the greater regions including Grand Forks, Fargo/Moorhead, Sioux Falls, La Crosse, Duluth/Superior).

  1. An analysis and evaluation of the existing and potential consumers, markets, retail, brokers, suppliers and processors
  2. An assessment of the current Halal meat market; including barriers, infrastructure gaps and opportunities
  3. Direction on how to overcome barriers and identify areas of opportunity and/or resources for Halal meat production and processing

This market study should provide a roadmap for near-term market development opportunities for Halal and Kosher meats.  The key deliverable is a market assessment study final report for Halal and Kosher meat in Minnesota. The report should include:

  1. An abbreviated executive summary highlighting key points from the full report
  2. Summary of research and information collected
  3. Full research results, analysis and implications
  4. Minimum of three presentations (Minnesota Association of Meat Processors, AURI’s meat product innovation forum, AURI’s food industry thought leaders)

A final statement outlining all project expenditures and a final progress report will also be part of the deliverable package. Deliverables will be due on or before the project end date established in the contract. The final report will become property of AURI.

If selected, work must be completed by October 31, 2019.

Proposals must be submitted by March 31st 2019 to AURI via mail or email, and proposals not meeting the submission deadline or following the guidelines in this RFP will not be considered. Proposals should include the following:

  1. Description of intended deliverables, along with a detailed workplan
  2. Timeline
    1. Project timeline can begin after selection and contracting and must conclude and final reports submitted before or on October 31, 2019.
  3. Budget
  4. Outline of the responder’s background and experience with examples of similar work done and a list of personnel who will help conduct the project
  5. Contact information

A decision to proceed with a proposal may require AURI and its partners to enter into a written agreement establishing the terms and conditions of AURI resources.

Mail or email complete proposal to:
Agricultural Utilization Research Institute
c/o Ashley Harguth
12298 350th Ave
Waseca, MN 56093

For questions, please contact Ashley Harguth at 218-281-7600 ext. 127 or

Selection Criteria:
In reviewing proposals submitted by March 31st 2019, AURI will use the following criteria

  1. Competence and qualifications; including education and training, experience in the kind of project to be undertaken
  2. Past record of professional accomplishments with similar studies
  3. Expressed understanding / Clear description of project workplan
  4. Ability to design an approach and work plan to meet project requirements
  5. Familiarity with market as defined in proposal
  6. Qualifications/experience of personnel working on the project
  7. Cost detail

About AURI:
AURI helps develop new uses for agricultural products through science and technology, partnering with businesses and entrepreneurs to bring ideas to reality. It generates economic impact in Minnesota communities by helping businesses take advantage of innovative opportunities in four focus areas: biobased products, renewable energy, coproducts and food. More information available at