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Idea to reality: EarthClean needed certification by the USDA Forest Service in order to use their corn-based firefighting product TetraKO to fight forest fires. The company also wanted to develop a liquid version.

AURI’s role: AURI scientists are working with EarthClean on product development and testing.

Outcomes: With testing and product development help from several of AURI’s scientists, EarthClean had commercial quantities of TetraKO powder available for the 2012-13 wildfire season, and now, work on the liquid version of the firefighting product is well underway.

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News about EarthClean

EarthClean named Ag Innovator of the Year

Posted on November 20, 2015, in Ag Innovation News, AURI News, News

EarthClean Corporation is being recognized for its innovative approach to utilizing Minnesota’s agricultural commodities for an environmentally friendly firefighting additive and its commitment to expand the product line of natural solutions to difficult problems.

Corn-based firefighting gel featured on Discovery Channel

Posted on February 24, 2014, in AURI News

TetraKO, the biodegradable water enhancer made by the South St. Paul, Minnesota, company EarthClean, was the subject of a Daily Planet episode on the Discovery Channel. View the EarthClean video. (Please note that there are advertisements before the video begins.) TetraKO changes plain water into an adhering gel that knocks down fires faster than water […]

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