AURI has considerable experience helping Minnesota entrepreneurs develop and test products for the nursery, landscape and gardening sectors. Some of the nursery industry products AURI has worked on include:

• GroNatural (Winsted): Hydroseeded mulch, compost and soil amendments

• Mississippi Topsoil (Cold Spring): Composted poultry- processing waste for garden fertilizer

• Woolch (Minnesota Lamb and Wool Association): Landscape mulch made from wool-carding residue

• Altman and Altman (Marshall): Natural garden fertilizer pellets made from ag-processing products, including feather meal and beet molasses

• Alternative Energy Solutions (Altura): Ag residue fuel pellets to heat commercial greenhouses

• NAF Fertilizer (Benson): Ash-based fertilizer from incinerated poultry litter

• Renaissance Fertilizer: (Minnetonka) Soybean and corn

gluten turf fertilizer

• Bio Builder’s Thrivin’: (Alexandria): Phosphorus-free lawn and garden fertilizer from distiller’s grains and carp