BioCycle magazine’s Conference on Renewable Energy From Organics Recycling — held last week in Minneapolis, Minnesota — drew over 300 participants from across the United States, Canada and Mexico, with others coming from China, Germany, Belgium and Australia.

Speakers addressed the growing interest in North America to adopt anaerobic digestion technologies to process municipal solid waste streams. Others addressed investment and financing opportunities, critical factors to monitor for successful digestion operations, and how to make headway in working with utilities and pipelines to add more value to biogas production.

AURI presented information on small scale biofuels activities occurring in Minnesota. Those activities include on-farm biomass pellet production, waste stream gasification, small-scale digester evaluations and more.

“Minnesota has been a leader in developing biofuels like ethanol and biodiesel,” says Alan Doering, who heads up AURI’s coproduct utilization program. “While many people automatically think of large-scale enterprises when they hear about biofuels, it’s important to show that there are also smaller-scale enterprises making an impact.”