Rod Larkins

Rod Larkins

Rod Larkins serves as the Senior Director of Science and Technology at AURI.  His primary responsibilities includes directing science, research, and development areas of AURI that lead to innovative, marketable, and commercialized products and processes. These products and processes help build and sustain local and national partnerships and foster collaboration for innovative shared outcomes.

Larkins’ background includes serving as the Special Projects Director for Initiative for Renewable Energy and the Environment at the University of Minnesota where he specialized in stakeholder outreach and engagement , partnership development and strategic planning.  Prior to this Larkins had a long and successful career with 3M, where he held positions of increasing responsibility in research management—with a focus on establishing new businesses.

During his career at 3M, Larkins was awarded two U.S. patents and earned numerous individual and team recognition awards. He finished his tenure as operations manager of government R&D contracts. In this role, he managed the opportunity development, proposal, administrative and compliance functions associated with 3M’s participation in federal- and state-funded contracts. He helped establish and execute government-funded programs related to fuel cells, composite electrical conductors, batteries, solar films, renewable fuels, high-temperature super conductors, and energy assessment and savings, among other areas. As an external advisory board member, he worked closely with IREE and the U of M.

His hobbies include outdoor sports, volunteering, reading, gardening and cooking.

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