Randy Hilliard

Randy Hilliard

Randy Hilliard serves as a Project Manager of the Agricultural Utilization Research Institute (AURI). He is recognized for his forward approach in the identification and development of value‐added agricultural projects, state and federal agency work, and commodity and industry support. Other responsibilities include advancement of the development of agricultural products in northern Minnesota and technical assistance in product development support.

With over 25 years of experience in community/economic planning, Hilliard began his career as a Planning Assistant for the Headwaters Regional Development Commission in Bemidji, MN. He went on to work as the Community Development Planner, and subsequently held the post of Economic Development Planner of the Region 5 Development Commission, assisting local units of government throughout a five county area in central Minnesota.

Hilliard’s past work includes the role of Business Finance Specialist at the Central Minnesota Initiative Fund in Little Falls, MN where he administered business investment programs of $3.5 million. He also carried out a  successful five‐year tenure as the Economic Development Director of Clearwater Economic Development Organization in Bagley, MN, where he provided business planning assistance, developed business financing packages and coordinated country‐wide economic development initiatives.

Hilliard received a Bachelor of Science in geography, emphasizing in regional and land‐use planning. He was Vice‐President (2001) and President (2002) of the Minnesota Association of Professional County Economic Developers and is an advisory committee member of the Northwest Minnesota Small Business Development Center.  Hilliard is also pursuing professional development certification in Project Management thought the University of Minnesota.

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Minnesota Biomass Heating Feasibility Guide

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In 2011, the Agricultural Utilization Research Institute (AURI) solicited proposals to develop a Biomass Heating Feasibility Guide “for the replacement of high-cost heating fuels, such as propane and fuel oil, with biomass combustion heating systems.” The contract, awarded to DLF Consulting, resulted in this report, which will assist turkey producers and greenhouse operators in rural […]

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Reduced-fat distillers grains…a new way to grow a dairy heifer

Posted on April 5, 2016, in News

Research sponsored by Minnesota Corn Research & Promotion Council (MCRPC) and AURI indicates rations high in reduced-fat distillers grains (the high protein ethanol coproduct) fill the bill as a feed for young dairy heifers. It’s economical, it’s efficient, and dairy producers end up with a sturdy, lean replacement heifer.

bioplastic table

Inside green plastics

Posted on December 12, 2014, in Ag Innovation News, AURI News, News

— by Liz Morrison  Plastics made from plants are growing fast. A new AURI report takes an in-depth look at the rapidly expanding “bioplastics” industry. The study, sponsored by the Minnesota Corn and Soybean Research & Promotion Councils, explores emerging technologies and markets for plant-derived polymers.  “Marketplace opportunities for integration of biobased and conventional plastics” […]

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