Bioproducts Laboratory

Bioproducts Laboratory

  • 1501 State Street
  • Marshall, MN 56258
  • p 507.537.7440   |   f 507.537.7441

This facility is focused on one to 10 kilograms scale processing of agriculture commodities and coproducts. Processes are developed and demonstrated for producing increased value materials by fractionation, chemical conversion and purification.

Capabilities include:

  • Chemical processing of straw, stover and other biomass materials
  • Extraction and characterization of oils and high-value components from oilseed meal and other feedstocks
  • Transesterification and esterification reactions for demonstration of biodiesel processing
  • Small-scale fermentation and digestion processes for production of fuels
  • Distillation and evaporation for process development

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